Mizzle comic 42 detail by Cat Byrne

261 – Mizzle

1000 drawings, Comic Art

I don’t always post every episode of my webcomic Mizzle here, as she has her own wordpress blog but once in a while I like to show a drawing or two.

If you’re familiar with Mizzle, you’ll probably have noticed that it’s my playground for trying out different techniques in drawing, inking and lettering. (In other words it’s a bit of a stylistic mish-mash). BUT I think I may have hit something this week; I’m really pleased with the result.

Here’s part of panel one, from initial sketch to completion:

Step one – Initial pencil sketchMizzle 42 initial sketch by Cat Byrne

Step two – Basic inks
With a 0.4 Micron pen. Nothing fancy, just getting the lines down (over some new pencil marks that I subsequently erased)
Mizzle 42 basic inks by Cat Byrne

Step three – digital inks
Where I add some thicker lines. You may be wondering why I didn’t add them by hand, or why I didn’t do all the inking digitally. You’re right, it’s daft. But sometimes I resize drawings when I’m laying out the panels, and then the line weight is all wrong. And digitally inking from scratch makes me want to cry. Perhaps I need more practice, or my cheapy graphics tablet is the equivalent of inking with a gnawed stick. So maybe one day when I have more experience, or better tools, I can skip one of these steps. Until then, it’s inefficiency central.
Mizzle 42 digital inks by Cat Byrne

Step four – digital colours
Where I add the colours in photoshop, and also the background which I drew by hand, like above.
Mizzle comic 42 detail by Cat Byrne

I’ll be posting the full episode over on Mizzle’s blog later today, so do make sure you subscribe if you want to read it!

Mizzle is a free webcomic, and is also available on Tapastic (a webcomic website).

Mizzle is also on Facebook, tumblr, deviantart, twitter and Pinterest.
Find all the links here.


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