Anita 19 by Cat Byrne

263 – Anita 19

1000 drawings, Life drawing

One of four from last week. I don’t have the others to hand as they were all still wet (I love using solid black ink for Anita’s dreadlocks!). I didn’t go this week though as I had so much work on, and every hour helped.

I’ve not gone properly public with this yet, but I’m in the process of packing up my graphic & web design career, which I’ve built over the last 19 years, and in favour of art and illustration. So at the moment, it’s pretty full on: I’m wrapping up exisiting design projects, researching the most suitable methods for me for selling my artwork online, rejigging my website, managing all the social media outlets, and trying to also concentrate on 3 art commissions, and personal projects too. But I’m really excited about it all.

Anyway, back to this piece! It’s a 25 minute pose, in watercolour crayons only.

Anita 19 by Cat Byrne


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