Mizzle comic by Cat Byrne

264 – Mizzle for ScribbleCon poster

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Big news of late is that our local comic group (Calder Valley Scribblers) is organising a comics & zine fair next year. It’ll be March 19th in Todmorden (in Northern England, between Manchester and Leeds).

It’s early days yet, but we wanted to get a leaflet showcasing a few of our members’ work – so we have them ready ahead of Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend.

Here is my piece that I made for the poster. Of course with Mizzle, from my comic.
I’ll upload the poster when it’s done, with the 5 other artworks.

Mizzle green by Cat Byrne

There is a wordpress blog for the Scribblers – which should start having content in it this week. More info on the event will be posted there.


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