265 – St Nicholas (commission)

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I was hired recently by a French poetry collective to make a poster for an event they are holding, about St Nicholas… including an illustration Yay!

So here’s the illustration. It was made on 11 x 15″ watercolour paper using ink and watercolour.

St Nicholas illustration by Cat Byrne

I did try something new here, and that was to make the linework in a colour other than black.

I did take pictures of it in stages, but stupidly deleted them off my camera phone before I got a chance to post them. Note to self: don’t be such a spacecake.

And here’s the finished poster:

Saint Nicolas - Poetes des Hautes Terres

Now you may be wondering how a French poetry collective has found me. One of them is my dad. I’m French. There you go… a bit of info about me you probably didn’t know.


8 thoughts on “265 – St Nicholas (commission)”

  1. Great job, Cat. They’ll love it.
    I noticed the colored outline first thing but wasn’t sure til you mentioned it. It sure does give the image a. . . . sort of uhhh, almost an illuminated outline. It works beautifully. May try that myself one day.

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    • Thanks! Yeah, it was a bit nerve wrecking tryinh something new like that on a commissioned piece; I just knew it needed linework, but black would have been too heavy for it. I’ll try this again too!

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