Month: December 2015

Valhalla comic art commission by Cat Byrne

296 – Valhalla! (commission)

A comic art commission I really, really enjoyed doing. Namely of DINOREE versus her nemesis, THE ARCHITECT (both friends of mine in real life). Made entirely digitally; the lines in Made With Mischief, and the colours in Photoshop. Actually I made this last week, but […]

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295 – Ho. Ho. Ho.

Nothing says Christmas like a snarling mutant turtle in a santa hat. So here you go. Raph is such a honey. I got inspired to draw this the night I came back from figure drawing this week, when I’d drawn Dave III in high contrast. […]

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290-294 – Robin

My last figure drawing session of 2015! Robin 16 2 x 10 minute poses, watercolour pencil on bristol. Robin 17 20 minute pose, ink and watercolour on bristol. I was keen to carry on my high contrast inkwork from the previous session, after warming up. […]

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286-289 – Dave III

This session was a full day one (4 hours), and was modeled by Dave, who I’d not yet had the pleasure the draw. To distinguish him from the other model Dave who I’ve drawn in the past, I’m having to designate him as “Dave III”. […]


282-285 Lesley

Lesley 15 25 minute pose, ink. I’d love to be able to do what urban sketchers do, and get loads of detail in not a very long time — or at least be able to filter what’s important to include, and what can be left […]


281 – Jungle (commission)

A commission for Taz “THE ghetto JUNGALIST”  (for whom I drew this other cat earlier this year). This one is called Jungle, and he’s tearing up the decks with old school junglist beats. The graffiti in the background is taken from a design by Taz […]

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276-279 Christina

These are from last week. Nearly caught up now! Christina 22 Pencil & watercolour. 25 minute pose. Christina 23 Neocolor watercolour crayons + watercolour 25 minute pose Christina 24 Pencil & ink 25 minute pose Christina 25 Pencil & ink 25 minute pose Christina is […]

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271-275 Steve

…From three weeks ago! Thought I’d have caught up with my posts over the weekend, but my husband threw me a surprise birthday party on saturday… And I’m still recovering. Ahem. Steve 9 & 10 Each 10 minute poses, in ink. I’m really enjoying this […]

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267-269 Anita

Wow… I hadn’t realised quite how far behind I am with posting my life drawings, until I scanned a whole month’s worth. So without further ado, here’s the rest of the drawings of Anita from this session in early November. Anita 20 Indian ink, 25 […]

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