280 – Mizzle 44 (“Maybe being blue isn’t so bad”)

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1000 drawings, Comic Art

My latest episode of my webcomic, where Mizzle (who if you recall, has has a hair-dye accident) is contemplating the benefits of being entirely blue.

Mizzle comic 44 by Cat Byrne - Maybe being blue isn't such a bad thing

Usually I only post snippets of these comics on my 1000-drawing blog, but seeing as it’s a single image, I thought I would just post the whole page this time. Sorry if you’re seeing this twice.

There’ll be a few more along this line. Stay tuned 🙂

You can catch up with all the Mizzles for free, on the web.
Best places to do that are on Mizzle’s WordPress blog, or Tapastic (a webcomic website).

Mizzle is also on Facebook, tumblr, deviantart, twitter and Pinterest.
Find all the links here.


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