286-289 – Dave III

1000 drawings, Life drawing

This session was a full day one (4 hours), and was modeled by Dave, who I’d not yet had the pleasure the draw. To distinguish him from the other model Dave who I’ve drawn in the past, I’m having to designate him as “Dave III”. And should my husband ever sit still long enough, he’ll just be “Dave”.


Dave III 1 - ink life drawing by Cat Byrne

DaveIII 1
Ink, 1hr20 pose
Proof that I can’t function properly in the winter months without intravenously admistered caffeine, I calculated that 120 minutes was 2 x 40 minute sittings with a break in between So I could have carried on, but by the time I realised I had an extra 40 minutes, I felt like working on something different.

Dave III 2 - ink life drawing by Cat Byrne

DaveIII 2
Ink & watercolour
Same pose as above, but 40 minutes.
…Something different! Those of you who’ve followed this blog for a while may know already that one of my biggest goals in this art challenge has been to figure out how to do high contrast inks. I’d given up for a while, not being too happy with what I was doing. And then this just fell out, which I’m really pleased with. How does that happen? Does it incubate? And doesn’t he look like Daniel Craig?

Anyway, the blacks are solid Indian ink laid down with a paintbrush. Then the linework with a nib pen (same ink). Then flicks of watercolour to give the hint of shading, and look really messy.

Dave III 2 - ink watercolour figure drawing by Cat Byrne

DaveIII 3
Ink & watercolour, 1hr20
Well technically it was a 2 hour pose, but I worked on two pieces simultaneously (this one and the one below). In retrospect, I’d have filled the background with a bright colour before doing the lines. I achieved these by flipping the board over, and letting gravity do its job on blobs of watercolour paint.

Funny… Dave said it was the first time anyone ever drew his tattoo. Which surprised me, actually. Personally I like getting in models’ tattoos if I have the time to. It’s a part of them and their personality, after all.

Dave III 4 - figure drawing in ink by Cat Byrne Todmorden


DaveIII 4
Ink & watercolour, 40 minutes
The other piece that I worked on at the same time as the one above. This is using the same technique as the 2nd piece, although for some reason I didn’t get too messy with the lines. I think I prefer it with the messy lines. So, this one is my 2nd favourite from this session.


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