295 – Ho. Ho. Ho.

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1000 drawings, Comic Art, TMNT

Nothing says Christmas like a snarling mutant turtle in a santa hat. So here you go.

Ho Ho Ho xmas raphael tmnt by Cat Byrne

Raph is such a honey.

I got inspired to draw this the night I came back from figure drawing this week, when I’d drawn Dave III in high contrast.

And for the record, this is one of the last pieces I made with my old graphics tablet.

I’d bought a used Ugee G3 when my old Wacom became obsolete following a new operating system. The G3 was cheap and it seemed to be doing its job at first. But I noticed I was forever having to correct blobby, shaky lines, and it just became counter productive.

So I splashed out last week on an Intuos Pro, which is the best I can afford at the moment. I’ve also switched to the software Made With Mischief for my digital inks, and that’s made a massive difference too.

I have used the new tablet and software together on something already, and my lines are a lot smoother and more controlled.

However I can’t post it here yet because it’s part of an illustration tender. I’ll be hearing tomorrow or Monday about it. Not holding my breath, but here’s hoping.

It’d be so much fun to do, and it would sure help pay for the bill I had to pay this week for my kid’s keyboard lessons… For the year. Ouch.



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