301 – mushroom and vole

1000 drawings, Comic Art, Illustration

Apologies there’s so many posts today from me. I’m having an “admin” sort of day.

Which reminded me, I’d forgotten to put up this artwork from December. I’d not posted it originally because it was a pitch for a museum… Graphics to accompany a family friendly exhibit on wildlife. I know they received it but seeing as I’ve not heard anything yet, and as even unsuccessful applicants were due to have been notified weeks ago, I think it’s safe to post here now.

museum pitch

It’s just a couple of the drawings I made – of a vole and a toadstool.

Don’t you hate this trend of not contacting applicants back? I mean I know it takes time… time is money… and money is tight. But this took hours… which I’ll never see a penny for. I don’t mind hearing that I’ve been unsuccessful… it’s just common courtesy.

Rant over.


2 thoughts on “301 – mushroom and vole”

    • You’re too kind 🙂
      But yeah, it’s a bad trend and it’s getting worse all the time. I know someone who didn’t hear anything back recently from a big company, after a second interview.


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