317 – A Cat in a Kangol Hat

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And back to my usual style, following the string of grim and gory posts lately 🙂

Here’s a commission I’ve been working on for my friend Taz, who likes his old school / graffiti / junglist cats (see previous artwork for Taz here, here and here).

This time, it’s an old school hip hop cat with red & black adidas tracksuits à la Run DMC and a red Kangol hat reminiscent of LL Cool J. Done in ink & watercolour.

Cat in a Kangol hat commission by Cat Byrne

I used to have one of those Kangol hats, but in grey. Bought it in Pasadena in the late 90s from a friend of a friend’s urban fashion type shop. I wonder if it’s still there.


One thought on “317 – A Cat in a Kangol Hat”

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