2016-01-27 shape challenge by Cat byrne comic art

321-322 – #ShapeChallenge

1000 drawings, Comic Art, Shape Challenge

A couple more pieces for the #ShapeChallenge over on Twitter. It’s a comic challenge where a new shape is released every day, and anyone is welcome to modify as they see fit.

January 23rd 2016

The shape:

My comic:

2016-01-23 shape challenge by Cat Byrne comic art

January 27th 2016

The shape:

My comic:

2016-01-27 shape challenge by Cat byrne comic art


6 thoughts on “321-322 – #ShapeChallenge”

    • Thanks! I stopped doing the challenge for a bit because I couldn’t stop myself from spending far too long on them. It was actually hindering me from working on my own comic! Ah, to have more hours in the day…


      • I always wonder how others deal with destraction. As in the good kind. I get that very often to. I set out with best intentions of working on a specific project before I know what has happened Ive spent my day on something completely different! I am still determining what I want to focus on at this point, so if the creative flow comes I try not to stop it. At least I am working on something! 🙂

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      • I find social media the most distracting thing! I set out to promote my art and then look at videos of clumsy cats, or bats eating bananas. Lol

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