325-326 Anita (life drawing)

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1000 drawings, Life drawing, Portraits

First up, a couple of warmup sketches from this session:

Anita sketch by Cat ByrneAnita sketch by Cat Byrne

First one in watercolour & ink, 15 minute pose.

Second one just watercolour, also a 15 minute pose. I really like her face here.

Anita 23
I think this was a 20 minute pose. Perhaps longer. The times don’t seem to add up – or perhaps I’m missing one (it’s easily done with my current winterbrain) In any case, it’s watercolour & ink, on bristol.

Anita 23 life drawing by Cat Byrne

I’m not overly keen on this one; I don’t think it does Anita justice. But I wanted to count it towards my 1000 drawings because I was trying something new – using a second colour in the high-contrast style that I’ve been practicing. Maybe it’s the bristol board, maybe it’s the unecessary splatter. Maybe I actually like it. I don’t know.

Anita 24
30 minutes, ink

Anita 24 life drawing todmorden by Cat byrne

This one I think captures Anita better. She is so rock and roll!

Scrapped the second colour, and went back to pure black. Looking at this, I wonder what it would have looked like with a really subtle, fine, grey splatter. I’m not going to try it on this one, but maybe in future… Something to try.


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