329-331 – Tasha

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I felt a lot more “with it” this week at the life drawing session. I even liked my warmup sketches; that’s saying something!

Tasha 8 life drawing Todmorden by Cat Byrne

Tasha 8
Watercolour on manila paper. 2 x 10 minutes

Tasha 9 life drawing Todmorden by Cat Byrne watercolour

Tasha 9
Watercolour, 20 minutes


Back to the drawing board with this one (above). After the previous one, I felt I needed to loosen up a bit more. I also wanted to try my high contrast technique with a colour other than black. But it morphed into something else. Anyway, it was just for fun.

Tasha 10 watercolour pencil life drawing by Cat Byrne in Todmorden

Tasha 10
And then, well this happened. I’m really chuffed with it. You know when you can really picture something in your mind’s eye, and then the physical act of drawing just becomes a process of transferring that mental image on to a medium? For me, it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. But there we go. Really pleased.

You can buy the original on my shop >

Size is 7.5″ x 11″, on a cream, acid-free watercolour paper, and done with Windsor & Newton watercolours, watercolour pencil, and 4B pencil.



2 thoughts on “329-331 – Tasha”

  1. Any advice for starting life drawing? There are a few in my local area but to be honest I am a bit intimidated. I really see the benefit, but not sure what to expect. Suggestions? I really like your watercolor work!

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    • That’s great! You are actually quite fortunate to have life drawing in your area, and a choice too! Fantastic.
      My advice would just be to try it. Maybe try all of them and stick to the one that stimulates your drawing hand the most? Studio space, lightning and the people there all contribute to the feel of a drawing group.
      The first time I went back to life drawing after so many years, I was actually shaking, I was so nervous.
      So just go,and enjoy it. There’ll be days you make art that you’re really proud of, and others not so much. But that’s all part of the process.
      I hope you will post your work!
      And thanks for the kind words.

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