Mizzle 48 Cat Superhero by Cat Byrne

340 – Walking to Town (Mizzle 48)

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1000 drawings, Comic Art

Here is the latest episode of my comic, Mizzle.

But first – an important annoucement!
I’ve decided as of this week to not publish Mizzle on her own WordPress blog anymore.
Originally, it had been a place to upload all the episodes so people could read them sequentially. But now that I post them on Tapastic ā€“ and this does the job better than WordPress ā€“ it’s become a lot of extra work.

I’ll still be posting them here on this blog though.


Mizzle 48 - walking to town - Mizzle Comic, a free webcomic by Cat Byrne

A new dawn for Mizzle!
Now that she’s powered by unyiedling confidence at being awesome, Mizzle is tackling the big stuff – like walking to town and going to the shops. Only the most exciting plots here at Mizzle HQ!

Follow the non-adventures of Mizzle, the runt of a litter of superhero cats. While she’s not quite cut out for the glamourous lifestyle her sisters enjoy, she’s going to do things her own way. It’s a story of coming to terms with oneself, embracing our flaws and peculiarities… and cheese.

You can catch up with all the Mizzles for free, on Tapastic (a free webcomic website ā€“ no login required).

NEW! Mizzle has her own shop on Redbubble!
Where you can buy Mizzle gear, such as Tshirts, mugs, stickers and lots more.

Mizzle is also on Facebook, tumblr, deviantart, twitter and Pinterest.
Find all the links here.


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