Sketchdump: February 2016

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Boy that went quick, even with the extra day for leap year. So here are last month’s scratchings from my sketchbooks:

General sketches


…Some really quick sketches in a sports hall (for my sins, I help out at the kids’ football practice every week).

Then practicing mountains (les Aiguilles de Chamonix – from a photo), and a sketch from a walk in Formby.

Lastly some birds studies (my parents’ birds Jacquo and Tarin), and a study of the Rocketeer ahead of this commission.

Harry Potter sketch by Cat Byrne

I went to visit my folks and that meant some very long train journeys. Here’s a sketch of Harry Potter (from memory). We are big fans.

teddy sketch by Cat Byrne

My son also wanted me to draw his teddy.

Rocketeer pencil sketch by Cat Byrne

The Rocketeer, which ended up coloured.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

And of course, as always, a healthy dose of TMNT:

Raph on rooftop sketch by Cat Byrne

raph pensive by Cat Byrne

^ A couple of Raphs, in my own style…


^ Some practice of Leo in 2014 style, ahead of this commission.

Four brothers TMNT pencil sketches by Cat Byrne

^ This one which I did for a graphic on my TMNT blog on tumblr – TMNT Metal – for passing the 1000 followers milestone. Here is the finished piece.

Big Kahuna lines by Cat Byrne

^ This one I did on the train, and later coloured.

raph looking up sketch by Cat Byrne

^ And finally another of Raph, which I’m currently colouring.

Other sketchdumps here >


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