Attic room by Cat Byrne

343 – Introducing Reluctance

1000 drawings, Comic Art

I’m really pleased to announce a new one-shot comic that I’m working on with Tom Burleigh, called “Reluctance”.

The story mostly takes place in an attic, and is mostly seen from one perspective (which actually ties in with the plot, strangely enough).

Given that the background wasn’t going to change much through 25 pages, I drew this in A3 size so I could “zoom in” if necessary, without having to redraw the scene over and over again.

Attic room by Cat Byrne

For this comic, I’m going to be combining pencil art with digital colours.

Tom Burleigh is the author of The Troubles of Magnet-Boy and Other Gloomy Tales, and for whom I’ve previously created these pieces: Cod Boy and Rat-boy.


4 thoughts on “343 – Introducing Reluctance”

  1. It’s an intriguing beginning. I’d very much like an attic like this. I especially love the detail of the power sockets for some reason…One of those real-life details which often gets glossed over. The coffee cup makes it feel like someone’s just left for a moment. And the muted palette is great too. More please! 🙂

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    • Yay! Glad you like it so far. It’s a very weird story, with an unusual pace for a comic, but that’s exactly why I loved the script!
      And yeah the sockets! I had to make sure they were US ones as the story happens in America. Little details!

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