Black Widow by Cat Byrne

379 – Black Widow

1000 drawings, Comic Art

I’m on a roll to have prints ready by the end of May, so be ready for lots of pieces like this, in the next couple of weeks.

So here’s the latest one — Black Widow from Marvel Comics!
(Pencils, digital inks and digital colours by me).

Buy this print >

Black widow Marvel fan art by Cat Byrne

…as requested by my 7 year old boy. He likes it, though has asked me where are her guns.
*rolls eyes*

Buy this print >

Of course I’ll be posting about these prints when they are available, but if you’re interested, comment below and I’ll reply when they’re ready. These will be signed, but not limited edition prints, so they’ll be reasonably priced.

This piece is also on tumblr, deviantart and facebook.

Thanks for looking!


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