381 – TMNT Group Shot

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I love drawing a turtle!

…And even better, four:

TMNT group shot fan art by Cat Byrne

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This piece, on tumblr >

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This week, I’ve come out publicly about the fact that my life goal is to draw Ninja Turtles professionally, in some capacity. Those of you who have known me on here for a while will not think that’s much of a surprise, but it’s seemed a bit of a pipe dream so far, considering a year and a half ago I was kicking myself out of a no-drawing rut that spanned pretty much my whole career as a graphic designer.

But I’m really boosted by this latest drawing. It’s as if all the principles, styles and methods I’ve been experimenting with all this time have somehow fused in my head, all of a sudden. I’m not even bothered if no one sees it, but to me this is a major milestone.

Well it would be nice if lots of people see it. Especially IDW.
Har. Har.

And because I’m so, so happy with this one, I thought I’d post the other two stages of the drawing too:

TMNT Group shot pencils by Cat Byrne

It was a pretty rough start. I was having a bad drawing day and I must have redrawn Donnie (on the left) about 50 times.
I should point out that I opted to draw Donnie more bulky and mean than in recent incarnations. He is after all a badass.

Digital Inks
TMNT Group Shot lines by Cat Byrne


I have a comic con coming up soon (Scribblecon in Todmorden on the 28th May) and I wanted to bring some new prints with me. Hence why I’ve been so busy making this, as well as Wonder Woman, Black Widow and Storm.

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