Month: June 2016

Raph Shady by Cat Byrne

387 – Raph Shady (with video!)

A few weeks back I had the idea pop in my head of a Raph stood against a brick wall, looking shady (as he does) and with horns emanating from his head in the form of a graffiti behind him. Here were the pencils: Then […]

Splinter watercolour by Cat Byrne

386 – Splinter (watercolour)

I’m finding it hard to come up with words for this piece, as it has coincided with a period of grief which I am still working through. So please bear with me. This piece started last week as a pencil drawing: I then hand inked […]

Might Morphin Power Roomies by Cat Byrne

385 – Mighty Morphin Power Roomies

Just finished up this fun commission for my friend Mert Yeygün, of him and his roommates – Barış, Tolga and Özgür – looking power-ranger-tough, in front of their favourite eatery. I really enjoyed this piece; it’s just so delightfully silly. Mert is my comics partner in […]

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TMNT raphael sketch by Cat Byrne

384 – Raph sketch

I was tidying up my computer last night, because it occured to me that I’d not backed anything up in months… and I found this unfinished sketch lurking: I’d made a naff attempt at colouring it a while back, but must have abandoned it in […]


383 – Mr Omega II variant cover

A variant cover for issue 2 of Out of Hours Comics: “Mr. Omega II : Into the Lion’s Mouth” Pencils, lines & colours by me (and also both the logos – Mr. Omega and also Out of Hours… graphic designer in the house!!). Here was […]

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382 – Raph on a plane

Hello!! Long time no post… I’ve been busy with organising our first comic con (Scribblecon in Todmorden, UK) which has now happened, and went really, really well. But I feel like I haven’t drawn in weeks. And in other news, TMNT 2 – Out of […]

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