382 – Raph on a plane

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1000 drawings, Comic Art, TMNT


Long time no post… I’ve been busy with organising our first comic con (Scribblecon in Todmorden, UK) which has now happened, and went really, really well. But I feel like I haven’t drawn in weeks.

And in other news, TMNT 2 – Out of the Shadows has come out! In the UK, 5 days before everywhere else (an improvement on last time where we had to wait nearly 2 months)… To celebrate how lucky we are, I’ve been to see it twice already. And it’s so much fun. I dare say I prefer it to the first film.

So, inspired by this, and in sight of my need to draw again, here’s a little something I’ve drawn just for fun.

TMNT Raph on a plane by Cat Byrne

Yes it’s a B.A.Baracus reference of course – Raph doesn’t actually say this in the film but it’s all I could think of during that scene.

Pencilled and inked traditionally, plus digital colours.


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