383 – Mr Omega II variant cover

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1000 drawings, Comic Art, Out of Hours Comics

A variant cover for issue 2 of Out of Hours Comics: “Mr. Omega II : Into the Lion’s Mouth

Out of Hours Comics Mr Omega II variant cover by Cat Byrne - no title

Pencils, lines & colours by me (and also both the logos – Mr. Omega and also Out of Hours… graphic designer in the house!!).

Here was the process:

Step 1: pencils.
To save time I used a camera phone pic, so that’s why the quality of the picture is pretty bad.


Step 2: digital inks

Step 3: Flats


Step 4: Colour overlays

Step 5: Toning & effects
Ie. shadows, highlights & smoke


Step 6: Add the logos

Ta daaaaa!

Out of Hours Comics Mr Omega II variant cover by Cat Byrne - with title

Out of Hours is a comic collaboration me and my friend Mert Yeygün started earlier this year. Think classic comic book stories with dark twists. Mert writes, and my role is the art. This second issue is being drawn by guest artist Mert Baran, and I’ll be doing the colours and letters. I’ll be back as the artist on issue 3 – Seraphium, which I’m already doing pencils for.

For the time being, it’s a free webcomic, so go read it. Go on, go go go:


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