Splinter watercolour by Cat Byrne

386 – Splinter (watercolour)

1000 drawings, Comic Art, TMNT

I’m finding it hard to come up with words for this piece, as it has coincided with a period of grief which I am still working through. So please bear with me.

This piece started last week as a pencil drawing:

Spimter pencils by Cat Byrne

I then hand inked it on watercolour paper:


Actually I made a tiny 15 second video of my hand while inking this, which I’ve posted over on instagram, tumblr and facebook. It’s not very long but it does show that I need to paint my nails again.

Now from this point I did start to take a few process shots, but then I found out about the tragic passing of a friend and while I needed to draw all day to cope with things, I just wasn’t in the state of mind to stop and take more pictures regularly.

So I’ll jump straight to the finished piece. There’s gold leaf on there which just didn’t come out right in the scan, so you may have to use your imagination a bit.

Splinter watercolour by Cat Byrne

Maybe one day I’ll take a picture of it with the sun catching on the gold leaf, but that’ll have to wait for a sunny day. Both literally and figuratively speaking.

I may also do a digitally coloured version one day too, using the inks which I’d scanned.


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