TMNT fan art - Hardly Training - by Cat Byrne

388 – Hardly Training (TMNT fan art, includes video)

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It’s been a really hard couple weeks here; so many awful things happening around me and to those I love. I’ve been struggling a bit coping with it all.

So to pull myself out of this rut, I’ve made this drawing of the turtles, because they always make me smile. I so often draw them looking menacing, so I felt like showing them relaxing, at home in the lair, being the lovable teenage boys that they are:

Hardly Training - TMNT fan art by Cat Byrne

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Quite an ambitious drawing for me, who usually shies from detailed backgrounds. But I really wanted something atmospheric, filled with little nods and references to early turtles and also the mid to late 80s in general (a bit of happy nostalgia for me).

And just like I did for Raph Shady, I also made a timelapse video of the process of this one:

(If this video doesn’t work for you, it may be because I put some copyrighted music in the background. If that’s the case, try the no-audio version).

So!… All the little details – want to know them all?

We have three movie posters, whose release years coincide with early TMNT milestones:

  • Ghostbusters (released 1984 – same year TMNT first appears in comic form)
  • The Lost Boys (released 1987 – same year as the first TMNT Cartoon)
  • Total Recall (released 1990 – same year as the first TMNT Movie)


  • A Superman poster – a dedication to our friend Matt Jackson, a kind and calm talented young man who won the hearts of all who knew him but tragically lost his fight with cancer earlier this month. This piece is for you, dude. You are very much missed.
  • an Anthrax poster (no connection, I just loved that album back in the day)
  • skateboard with Santa Cruz and Ratbones logos (get it, ratbones – rat – Splinter? I am waay overthinking this)
  • On the TV a can of TMNT soda (Raphael cola – yes this was actually a thing!)
  • Raph is reading “SOUP” which is a nod to Turtle Soup, an early collection of random TMNT comics.
  • There is a Mirage TMNT comic in the stack under the TV.
  • Of course, the Nintendo NES console! I had one of those, and I loved it.
  • NES cartridges: TMNT II (which Leo and Mikey are playing), Skate or Die, Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Shinobi (of course, they’re ninjas!) and Tetris which I think Donnie would most likely play.

Donnie, incidentally, is playing electric guitar. I imagine to unwind, he would quietly experiment with ambient noises and distortion.

He’s also about to get some hot cheese on his head, courtesy of Raph. You could say that’s a nod to the pizza incident in the latest film (2016), but that wasn’t actually intentional.

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Are you on tumblr?
You can find this piece on my personal art blog here.
Also, you may be interested in my TMNT Metal blog – all ninja turtles art, all artists credited.

Are you on deviantart?
This piece is on my deviantart too. Any faves and comments much appreciated!

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4 thoughts on “388 – Hardly Training (TMNT fan art, includes video)”

  1. I really Love this One Print !!! I grow up with Ninja Turtles and He-man.: ) brings back memories //////////::://// I have this computer question If I’m new and wanted to sell art on -line what sites are good to check out.


  2. To tell you the truth I’m also an Artist how works on my own ; But most of my stuff is just water color I have the most difficult time trying to sell it on my own I once made a hundred prints of a cartoon character I created and just got no where fast. any way check out my site Send me a cool tip or something.


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