Mizzle and TMNT Raphael doing netflix and chill by Cat Byrne

401 – Mizzle & Raph in ‘Netflix and chill’

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Hello! Did you have a nice summer?

I’m just getting back into routine after a few weeks spending time with family over the school holidays. Came back straight into preparing for Leeds zine fair, and doing some street painting in Todmorden (pictures to follow).

Which means… I’m out of practice with the computery things, and what better way to warm up than colouring in a sketch I did over the summer.

Here is the black and white drawing by itself:

Mizzle and TMNT Raph doing netflix and chill by Cat Byrne

It’s of my character Mizzle, and her bae… Raph from TMNT, obviously. They’re doing netflix and chill, but she’s taken the “chill” bit literally. Besides, she’s tired… it’s hard work being so cute!

So then I coloured it, digitally:


And, because I am a big nerd, I took screenshots of the colouring process, and compiled them in a video. And added some Al Green in the background:

If you like this sort of video, I’m often making them, and adding them to my YouTube account. Make sure to subscribe!

And yes there shall be lots of posts comic up from my summer sketchbook. See you again soon!


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