Mizzle bee street art Todmorden byb Cat Byrne

410 – Mizzle Bee (street art in Todmorden)

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1000 drawings, Comic Art, Mizzle, Street Art

I had the wonderful opportunity to paint Mizzle in my home town a few weeks ago, as part of the Todmorden Open Art Studios weekend.

Here are some of the sketches I drew, leading up to it:

Mizzle bee sketches by Cat Byrne - Mizzle Comic

Now the problem I was facing was that I’m being careful with outgoings at the moment… as I’m spending a lot of time working on unpaid stuff at the moment, while building up a name for myself in this world of comics. So I really didn’t want to spend money on spray cans (which I don’t feel very good about anyway because they are so wasteful), nor on acrylic paint. Especially given that the art would be up only for a couple days.

The only paint I had to hand were big bottles of poster paints, but all it would take would be for a drop of rain, and the whole thing would melt. And if you’re familiar with the climate in the north of England, you’ll understand my concern.

So then I thought – what about mixing PVA glue to the poster paint? I searched online but didn’t find all that much, so I set about experimenting:

mixing PVA glue to poster paint to make it waterproof

I wasn’t being very precise with it, just sort of half paint and half PVA.

And it worked! Once it dried, the paint was pretty much completely waterproof! At least strong enough for a temporary job anyway; perhaps over time it would fall apart… but again, I only needed it to withstand the elements for a couple days.

The only paint I didn’t like much was the yellow; it was very transluscent. But a friend suggested I add a bit of white to it, and that worked perfectly on the day.

So, the big day arrived!

I turned up and to my dismay was told by one of the organisers that I’d have to wait a few hours to see if there was a space for me. Which was absolutely devastating because another organiser had been cheering me on for months. Fortunately though, the very lovely Sara Abbott  told me to paint in the panel next to hers. I can’t thank her enough, I had been so upset about it.


Getting started! Photo by Jackdaw Photography



Painting next to the lovely Sara Abbott. Photo by Jackdaw Photography


First paint. Photo by Jackdaw Photography.


Taking shape! Photo by Jackdaw Photography.


The scene!


And finished!


Mizzle Bee and Space Cow


Mizzle Bee


Happy Cat. Photo by Jackdaw Photography.


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