Raphael for inktober 2016 by Cat Byrne TMNT fan art

419 – Raphael (Inktober day 4)

1000 drawings, Comic Art, Inktober 2016, TMNT

Going a little bit out of my comfort zone here and getting messy with the inks. That feeling of *gulp* making streaks over a perfectly good ink drawing so far!

But I like it.

Raphael for inktober 2016 by Cat Byrne TMNT fan art

A big change for the the last couple days has been changing my brush.The one I bought just for inking is too long, and pointy, and hard. So it’s hard to turn corners with it, without making little notches accidentally.

So now I’m back on my old, favourite watercolour brush which has been through the wars; it’s even been trimmed, and half of it is bushy! Brilliant for those streaks! But the tip is sharp enough (for the moment) and it’s much more flexible that the other one. I look forward to going paintbrush shopping at Fred Aldous next time I’m in Manchester.

Oh and I added white gouache splatters too, I think that’s worked quite well.


3 thoughts on “419 – Raphael (Inktober day 4)”

  1. It’s got a really dynamic sense of motion – I always find it amazing what a difference the right brush can make. Oh, and the courage to use it! 🙂

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