Raphael the Nightwatcher inktober 2016 TMNT fan art by Cat Byrne

431 – Nightwatcher Raphael (Inktober day 16)

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I really REALLY enjoyed this one.

I’d drawn just the face a few days ago, originally for the Leonardo mashup drawing, but I couldn’t get the body right. And them it hit me, it’s not Leo… it’s Raph. And not just any Raph, but the Nightwatcher.

First up: the pencils:

Nightwatcher pencils by Cat Byrne - TMNT Raphael fan art

An in-between picture, where I’d started to ink over the blue lines:


And then the inks, finished:

Raphel Nightwatcher by Cat Byrne - TMNT fan art for Inktober 2016


I was going to do more with ink splatters, and more solid blacks, but I decided not to because I fancy colouring this one, one day.

And as with many of my Inktober pieces, this original artwork is for sale on my shop.


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