mizzle and muggy comic art by cat byrne

436 – Mizzle and Muggy, with video (inktober day 21)

1000 drawings, Comic Art, Mizzle

Hello again! And thank you very much to those of you who have been supporting my work throughout Inktober – and before! It means a lot to me.

With Thought Bubble coming up (a rather important comic con in Leeds, UK, where I’ll be exhibiting for the first time), I thought I should make a piece with Mizzle and Muggy, to be used for flyers and postcards.

But by luck, I sold a few life drawings and illustrations to an art collector this week, so as fate would have it I now have enough spare budget to get one of those pull up banners! The timing couldn’t have been better, and I am so grateful for it.

As such, I worked this piece on A3, rather than A5.

First up, the rough pencils:

Mizzle and Muggy rough pencils by Cat Byrne

I scanned this and and blew it up to the correct size, then using my lightbox, transfered the drawing to an A3 sheet of bristol with a blue pencil, before inking:

Mizzle and Muggy inks by Cat Byrne for Inktober 2016

From here, I scanned it back in, and removed the blue lines.

…And then coloured it digitally:

Mizzle and Muggy on a rocket - pencils inks and colours by Cat Byrne

Want to see the timelapse of the colour process? I made a video!

If that doesn’t play, here’s the direct link to it on youtube.

This design is now also available printed on wood, which I make by hand. Have a look!

Mizzle and Muggy surfing on a rocket - printed wood block by Cat Byrne

“Surfing on a rocket” 9.5cm x 12.6cm print on wood, with acrylic highlights £16 +shipping Click on picture for more information.


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