Rude Raph - tmnt inktober 2016 by Cat Byrne

445 – Rude (inktober day 30)

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I love a rude Raph, don’t you?

First up, here’s the rough pencils:


I was so tired when I was drawing this in pizza express in Watford. I’d been on about 12 hours sleep total in 3 days, and then the four hour drive (Harry Potter film studio was ace, though, totally worth it).

I just kept drawing lines, lines and more lines… almost in a trance. I actually quite like it though, it has an energy about it that gets a bit lost in the cleaned up version.

Aaaand then, the inks:

Rude Raph - tmnt inktober 2016 by Cat Byrne

This piece – along with many of my inktobers – is available on my shop.
All original art / A5 / supplied with a 8″x10″ mount.


2 thoughts on “445 – Rude (inktober day 30)”

  1. So cool; the roughness and energy of the initial sketch is pretty sweet to see, so I’m glad you took a separate photo/scan of that as well as the final one

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! It’s making me think I should do more art in the rough style.

      *adds to massive to-do list of things I want to create 🙂


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