Month: November 2016

Deep Sea Dreaming illustration by Cat Byrne

451 -Deep Sea Dreaming

This was a drawing in my sketchbook, which I thought might look nice with colour: I also made a short time-lapse video of the colouring process: I’m not entirely sure what it is exactly. It’s part-hobbit, part-elf, part-cthulhu. Also I’m into doodling jellyfish at the […]

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Ancient ones - extraterrestrial mushroom race from Mizzle Comic by Cat Byrne

450 – Ancient ones

I’m working on printed woodblocks at the moment for a couple of Christmas fairs coming up. (As in, prints on woodblocks, not carved woodblock prints)… ^ This was the first run in progress, which I posted last week over on Instagram. And here’s a finished […]

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449 – Robots don’t protest

I’ve not been sleeping too well of late. I don’t like the way the future is shaping up – with the rise of fascism, the erosion of the rights and democracy that people have fought so hard for over centuries, the state of the climate […]

Raph in a kitty onesie - TMNT fan art by Cat Byrne

448 – Raph in a cat onesie

Raph absolutely adores his kitty onesie; it’s warm and soft and snug, especially in the damp and cold sewer. But his brothers always laugh at him for wearing it. I made this drawing in my sketchbook while tabling at Thought Bubble in Leeds earlier this […]

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The Window - book by Cat Byrne and Tom Burleigh

New book: The Window

I’m pleased to announce the release of The Window – a book written by Hebden Bridge-based author Tom Burleigh and illustrated by me. It’s a hauntingly beautiful account of nature, life and death as seen through a humble window. Here’s the cover and a selection […]

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Leonardo inking video!

I filmed this a couple weeks back but I’ve only had the chance to process it last night. It’s the first time I’ve done an actual video of hand-drawn, traditional inks. Usually I do timelapse of digital inks and digital colours. You can see all […]

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