449 – Robots don’t protest

1000 drawings, Comic Art

I’ve not been sleeping too well of late.

I don’t like the way the future is shaping up – with the rise of fascism, the erosion of the rights and democracy that people have fought so hard for over centuries, the state of the climate and impending reversal of our commitment to it at a time when we’re already on the brink of no return.

Sleepless nights already a-plenty, without the dread of watching the world dehumanised in favour of robots.

It’s not a dystopian fantasy; robots are already here. From self-service checkouts to self-driving taxis, my news feeds show me every day new advances in technology to replace the role of humans… playing chess, fighting wars, incubating humans outside of the womb, creating music and art, sports and news commentators. All here. Seems like the only job for our children will be creating, programming and maintaining machines.

Is this showing-off gone mad? Or some super villain’s master plan to make us all redundant?

Whichever… let’s fight for our rights out ancestors shed their blood for us to enjoy. And take the time to stand in line at the supermarket to be assisted by a human. Shop local. Make things. Turn off the TV. Boycott the untruths. Look after one another.

Because the robots, we can all be pretty certain they won’t be fighting for our rights when all is lost…


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