Month: December 2016

TMNT fan art - 2016 by Cat Byrne

2016 & My year in TMNT fan art

A lot has happened in 2016 for me as an artist… I started exhibiting at conventions, including Thought Bubble in Leeds – which was ABSOLUTELY HUGE for me considering I only started drawing again in 2014. I stopped taking on new design work, essentially ending […]

Mikey's pizza, tmnt fan art by Cat Byrne

453 -Mikey’s Pizza

My latest piece! Mikey really REALLY wants to share his pizza with you. It’s got marshmallows, jelly beans, jalapenos and lime jell-o. Won’t you try some? This started as a random sketch in my sketchbook… …which I then scanned and then coloured in Photoshop. Sorry […]

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The Awakening - Raphael Genie TMNT fan art by Cat Byrne - Mizzle Comic crossover

452 – The Awakening (with video)

Happy holidays y’all! I give you this piece – The Awakening – because nothing says “Season’s Greetings” like an angry Raphael being woken from his genie-nap. I have a good change of winning the “Utter Nonsense TMNT Fan Art of the Day” award with this one, don’t […]

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Printed wood blocks by Cat Byrne - TMNT / ninja turtles, goth, candy skull, lobo

My printed wood blocks

Hi! I’ve not been making much new art this month because I’ve been focusing on writing my comic Mizzle as a graphic novel (which is shaping up really nicely). I’ve also been busy with stalls at local art & craft fairs ahead of Christmas… where […]

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