Badger and deer by Cat Byrne

456 – Stag and badger (commission)

1000 drawings, Commissions, Illustration, Nature

Here is another commission I’ve worked on this week, as part of my half-price commissions month (all through January 2017).

Badger and stag sleeping and cuddling, by Cat Byrne

It’s quite different from my usual style but I’ve really enjoyed working on this one.

It’s 7″ x 10″, in watercolour and pencil.

And if you’d like to see it, here’s the rough pencils that I started with:


I’m still taking on half-price commissions all throughout January 2017, so if you’d like to treat yourself or a friend to some custom art, now’s a good time to ask!




2 thoughts on “456 – Stag and badger (commission)”

    • Thanks so much! I was going to add ink on top of the watercolour, but I’m glad I used pencils instead. I think that also helps it give it that soft look.


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