TMNT ii secret of the ooze ernie reyes jr as keno and raphael

458 – Raph & Keno from TMNT II

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1000 drawings, Comic Art, TMNT
Here’s a little something I’ve drawn for a contest over on a TMNT facebook group… Theme this month was Keno – the pizza guy from The Secret of the Ooze with awesome martial arts skills played by Ernie Reyes Jr –  so I drew him with his buddy Raph, looking badass.
Raphael and Keno from TMNT II The Secret of the Ooze

Well… as badass as a turtle from TMNT II can look, anyway. They were just so bloody goofy.

This one was done in traditional inks, and digital colours in photoshop. Here are the inks by themselves:
Incidentally, I’m not posting much at the moment, but that’s because I am doing the pencils for 72 pages of my first graphic novel, that’s coming out later this year. It’s a Mizzle re-boot! I’ll be posting more about it very soon.

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