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483 – Mizzle: Cheese Fiction

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I got a bit carried away with this one.

It started with an idea for a poster for an upcoming event I’m involved with – Free Comic Book Day at Legacy Comics in Halifax, West Yorkshire… aka “The Big Kahuna Project”.

Obviously that’s a Pulp Fiction reference, so I scribbled this pencil drawing:


But then decided it wasn’t so “Big Kahuna-y” so I went with something else instead (which I’ll post soon).

But this Mizzle à la Uma Thurman was too good an idea to discard, so I just hoped that my friend – who had recently commissioned a Mizzle drawing (as part of the graphic novel promo) – liked the film, and I surprised her with the inks:

Mizzle pulp fiction commission ink drawing cat byrne

…thankfully she was a fan, and was delighted with it.

But looking at the artwork, I felt it was begging for more… So I went to town with it:

Cheese Fiction: Mizzle pulp fiction parody poster by Cat Byrne

My friends are suggesting I make a series of film posters like this. I would love to do that.

Aaand… I made T-shirts 🙂

Cheese fiction tshirts

They’re available on RedBubble.
They’re print on demand, and are shipped from either the US or Europe, so shipping charges are reasonable.


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