1000 drawings by Cat Byrne

At a glance: Drawings 401-500

1000 drawings, Journal

It’s that time again!

Here’s the most recent set of 100 drawings (numbers 401-500):

1000 drawings by Cat Byrne: 401-500


Although I loved drawing comics as a kid, and always had a sketchbook on me as a teenager, I went into a graphic & web design career. During that time — nearly 20 years — I barely drew… and my soul was aching.

In October 2014, I decided to start drawing again. I hated what I drew because I was so out of practice, but I kept at it — aiming for 1000 drawings so I could record the progress I would be making… and remember where I came from.

Last year, I stopped taking on new design work, so I could focus just on comics and illustration.

Now I stand at the cusp of pestering publishing companies to see if any will take my graphic novel Mizzle, and see if any will add me to their repertoire of artists. I’m really scared but if I don’t try, I’ll never know.

Here is where it all started with drawing #1, and all the drawings since, at a glance:



Drawings 101-200 art challenge by Cat Byrne

Drawings 201-300 at a glance by Cat Byrne
drawings 301 to 400 of my 1000 drawing challenge by cat byrne

1000 drawings by Cat Byrne: 401-500

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting and encouraging me. You are all helping me make my dream come true.


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