Month: June 2017

Rotten tomato art by Cat Byrne

516 – Rotten

New drawing today! It’s of a tomato, and he looks quite rotten. Same technique as last time – ink & watercolour – except without the marker stage. It was because I wanted to try and compare what it would look like without it. Not because […]

Flirty Bertie bird comic art by Cat Byrne

514 – Flirty Bertie

My brain is a little bit looser now. Here’s a little guy that popped into my head and had to come out. His name is Flirty Bertie. And he will charm you. Most likely with a chat up line about stars falling from heaven. He […]

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Soup Guy will cream you like a bisque - art by Cat Byrne

513 – Soup Guy

I’ve been having my head so deep in politics lately, I’ve had to step back and remember to draw! But not having drawn for fun in a while I didn’t know what else to draw other than Mizzle or Ninja Turtles. So I just let […]

TMNT Michelangelo and Klunk sketch by Cat Byrne

511 – Mikey & Klunk

Another one from the sketchbook! This one’s of Michelangelo & his cat Klunk, hanging out in a grimy alley. Ink, watercolour, metallic sharpie & gel pens. Drew it yesterday while hanging out with my comics crew, the Calder Valley Scribblers, at our monthly meet over […]

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