Teenage Monster Ninja Turtles by Cat Byrne

556-559 Teenage Monster Ninja Turtles

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1000 drawings, Art for sale, Comic Art, Inktober 2017, TMNT

Available as a limited edition print, and also T-shirts!

Boy it’s been a long time since I have posted but that’s only because of the trio of being poorly, being busy… and also having pre-Christmas anxiety. Does anyone else find the end of the year stressful?

So, anyway… these guys!!


I drew them back in October – OCTOBER!!! – for Inktober… and for a contest on the facebook group TMNT Comics & Art Collectors. I had quickly coloured them in low resolution just for the sake of finishing the artwork in time. And LO… my piece got the most votes! … and has been the group header for the last couple months (to be replaced very soon by the Xmas contest winner).

There is some serious (and even professional, canon) talent on that group, so it was really exciting even just to participate! I wasn’t expecting a win.

Anyway, enough tooting that horn!

So since then, I’ve wanted to colour it again, properly and in high resolution, so as to make a limited edition print of it.

Finally that’s now been done, and I am happy to show off my new design!!

Teenage Mutant Monster Turtles - TMNT limited edition print by Cat Byrne

I was inspired by old cheesy posters of horror films for the typography (the turtles themselves are inspired by the 1993 “Universal Studios Monsters” line of TMNT toys).

Doing research on the old film posters, I remembered a few of them had “In Eastman Color” written on them. So naturally, I had to keep this, and change it “In Eastman and Laird Color” (Eastman & Laird being the creators of Ninja Turtles). How fortunate was that!!??

Poster available!

I’ve just placed the order for a very limited edition of 30 of these to be printed.

If you would like to buy one, they are available on my shop.

They are A3 size (Americans & Canadians, this is 11.7″ x 16.5″ – and it’s easy to buy A3 size frames online from places like Amazon … or even better, any company that pays its fair share of taxes :-).

And T-shirts too!

For those people who prefer to wear their comic art, I’ve also made the design available as T-Shirts and hoodies on both TeePublic and RedBubble.


Note in both the print and the apparel, there isn’t my signature watermarked on the artwork. That’s just for displaying online 🙂


And for the record of counting to 1000 drawing, here are the 4 pieces separately!

First as inks:


And then in colour!

Donatello as Dracula by Cat Byrne

Raphael as The Mummy by Cat Byrne

Michelangelo as Frankenstein's Monster by Cat Byrne

Leonardo as The Wolfman by Cat Byrne



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