Little Women by Cat Byrne

568-569 – Little Women Book Cover

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This commission came from a multi-talented friend, Sébastien Degorce, who has moved back to France and launched a publishing company. As a gift to his lovely wife Caroline he reprinted a very small run of the famous novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

I made two versions.

The first, done in ink by hand and digitally coloured looked like this:

Little Women book cover by Cat Byrne

However this style didn’t really match the existing line of books, and Seb felt that a lot of the energy from the rough pencil drawing had been lost.

Alas I’d inked over the original drawing, so I drew it again:

Little Women pencil drawing by Cat Byrne

Here’s the final version, which you can buy from the Degorce Editions website:

Les Quatre Filles du Docteur March Louisa May Alcott couverture de Cat Byrne


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