Hermione Granger sketch by Cat Byrne

594-595 Sketches at the Old Co-op

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Last weekend, I was at a popup art and craft market at the Old Co-op in Todmorden (formerly the Bear). It’s such a lovely place, and it deserves to be used, especially filled with art and creative things.

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Last September, when I was at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds, I started offering sketches as a service, during the show. I wanted to do the same again here.

I felt a bit rusty on the Saturday as it’s been a few months that I’ve not done a show… but the Sunday was more relaxed and so I got the pens out:

Here was the first drawing I did, of a very sweet little girl who was there, twirling her fairy wand around:

Fairy girl sketch by Cat Byrne

The second drawing I did was of Hermione Granger, reading a book on Runes, by wand light, in a comfy armchair:

Hermione Granger sketch by Cat Byrne

These are both done in ink & markers, on A5 size bristol board.

Thanks to both of you who ordered these sketches!




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