610-632: Mizzle saga!

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Wow, what a crazy month it’s been.

Last I posted on here, I had been working flat out for weeks trying to get chapter two of Mizzle’s “Flight of the Bumblecat” sent to the printer on time to be ready in time for Scribblecon (our own comic con that we throw every year). After sleepless nights, and despite a major power cut and the organisational work on the comic con, I managed to do it!

The books, which I paid extra for express production for, were due to arrive on Friday. Come Friday, no books.

So I spoke to Mixam – the printing company I have used for all my books so far, and they claimed it wasn’t picked up by the delivery company. So they promised a Saturday delivery, straight to the comic con. A bit close for comfort, but this had happened once before and they delivered so I didn’t think anything of it.

Saturday comes and goes, and still… no books.

No one there to answer the phone either, so Monday rolls around and I finally get through, only to be told they are on their way today… (drumroll)… to the place where the comic con was.


I requested another change of address, so this meant the parcel had to go back to the depot. Strange really, because it was only a half mile from my house and wouldn’t have dramatically changed the route.

Mixam also promised me a full refund by this point, which – fair play – was very decent of them.

Anyway, on Tuesday, I got the books, but I nearly cried when I opened the box. The printing was dirty. Anywhere that was meant to be white – for example all the speech bubbles, and the logo on the cover – had all this “noise”. Some of the artwork (including the cover!) was pixelated as if it had been compressed as a low quality JPEG (I re-checked the files I sent, and they were definitely high res, print-ready PDFs). The work wasn’t well cropped either, so the margins were all over the place on many of the books. This was not what I’d worked so hard to achieve, so I decided to get them reprinted.

But I couldn’t afford this until the refund was issued, and there was still no sign of that.

Come wednesday, still no refund. A friend who was in a similar situation with Mixam and also didn’t get his books sent on time for the convention, told me that his refund had come through on Monday as soon as they promised it. He has the same bank as me. The quality of his print was fine though.

I was seething by this point as I felt like I had been treated as a second class customer through every step of this order. I’d spent over £700 in printing with them in the last couple years, and was looking to use them for a lot more than that in years to come, in new books, and reprints of my existing ones.

Finally the nightmare with Mixam ended on Thursday and I received my refund, with which I ordered the books with a different company, Trade Digital Print in Manchester (who offer comic book size as standard, recycled paper options, free shipping over £25, half price on the first order, and are regional to me). I should be receiving them in the next couple of days so am really hoping they look good… fingers crossed!

You can buy the book from my website.

So, some pictorials!

First a recap of the cover artwork:

Mizzle: Flight of the Bumblecat part 2 artwork cover by Cat Byrne

It’s hard to put a picture from each page (to count towards my 1000 drawings) without giving away too much of the story, but here goes!


You can buy the Flight of the Bumblecat books from my website: Part one | Part two


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