A Kawaii Octopus ink commission at THought Bubble 2018 by Cat Byrne

680-681 Sketch commissions at Though Bubble

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Well Thought Bubble’s been and gone, and it was a stellar event as always. Having organised some small events before, I can really appreciate the monumental effort it must take to orchestrate all the hundreds of guests and exhibitors, volunteers, security and marquees. Very impressed by it all once again.

This year again I had a half table, this time in the Ask For Mercy Marquee, just outside Leeds Town Hall.

Here in fact you can see some pictures and read about my stall in this review of the event!

Cat Byrne who is based in West Yorkshire, had an awesome table containing her comics, beautiful illustrations, prints, commissions and the most incredible wood blocks. When speaking with Cat, she told me more about her stunning blocks.

The art is a printed transfer of her own artwork, these blocks are hand sawn and hand sanded pine. The wood goes through a wet and peel process, with the accents being hand painted and finally varnished. The block comes with a wooden stand that is drilled for hanging and the back is covered in black card, numbered and personally signed. I would definitely recommend you check them out!

And, like I often do at events,I offered A5 sketch commissions for £10.

Here are the two that I drew:

A Kawaii Octopus ink commission at Thought Bubble 2018 by Cat Byrne

That octopus was for a young lady who is fast becoming a comic art collector like her dad. She was really pleased with it, and while I wasn’t around at the time when she came to collect it, I’m told she jumped up and down in glee (I wish I’d seen that!). She did come back later to say thanks, which was also just a lovely thing to do. This is really the best part of my job 🙂

And then this Lady Mechanika / Mizzle crossover for my friend Jameso who goes around Thought Bubble every year ravenously getting all his books signed and gobbling up custom art and commissions from people. Always great to see him there.

Lady Mechanika Mizzle cat crossover commission at Thought Bubble 2018 by Cat Byrne

Definitely will be applying Thought Bubble next year… Fingers crossed I get in again!


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