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Mizzle and Muggy comic art by Cat Byrne

718-720 Mizzle and Muggy

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while… Currently, the commissions page on my website doesn’t have any visual examples accompanying the different rates for different techniques. And even if it did, all the examples would be completely different pieces; which would make it […]

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701 – Martian Mizzle

Mizzle as a martian (an homage to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians), as part of a poster for our upcoming Christmas Invasion Xmas fair that we’re hosting. I’d originally planned it to be printed in risograph, but it wasn’t to be. We just don’t have […]

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682 – Damn you

So I found out recently that my friend who ordered a print a few months ago never received it. A double shame seeing as I’d slipped in a sketchcard as a surprise (turns out I never posted it here either! I’ll never get to 1000 […]

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A Kawaii Octopus ink commission at THought Bubble 2018 by Cat Byrne

680-681 Sketch commissions at Though Bubble

Well Thought Bubble’s been and gone, and it was a stellar event as always. Having organised some small events before, I can really appreciate the monumental effort it must take to orchestrate all the hundreds of guests and exhibitors, volunteers, security and marquees. Very impressed […]

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610-632: Mizzle saga!

Wow, what a crazy month it’s been. Last I posted on here, I had been working flat out for weeks trying to get chapter two of Mizzle’s “Flight of the Bumblecat” sent to the printer on time to be ready in time for Scribblecon (our […]

Mizzle: Flight of the Bumblecat Part 2 comic by Cat Byrne

609 – Your Illustriousness

Wanna see some art from the new Mizzle book? I’ll try keep it spoiler-free! As you may recall from part 1, Mizzle has had a particularly bad day at work. And we open part 2 with this. Order it now (and help me afford to […]

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