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Half price commissions!

To help raise printing costs of my new book “Conversations with Myselves“, I’m offering a limited number of HALF PRICE COMMISSIONS (see examples below). Order yours here! I can draw comic portraits, favourite characters, my own characters Mizzle or Muggy, TMNT, pets, favourite animals or […]

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Didier the Gitanes smoking snail - illustration by Cat Byrne Art

517 – Didier

Didier likes to smoke Gitanes, and he doesn’t appreciate people asking him how he manages to light them. Or for that matter why he has four eyes. 8″ x 12″ Ink, marker & watercolour I love drawing these! I’m aiming to keep making loads over […]

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TMNT Muckman original art by Cat Byrne

509 Muckman

This piece is for sale! This month over on the TMNT Lives 4 Ever facebook group, the art contest theme is Muckman. A garbage man turned human/garbage mutant, he’s naturally a bit gross looking. And smelly. I got out the acrylic paints for this one, […]

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TMNT LARP by Cat Byrne


My latest print!!! Meet the LARP (live action role-playing) turtles. Going to make this one limited edition (50 only). You can get one here. Heavily inspired by the episode Mazes & Mutants, but drawn in my own style and coloured in Photoshop. Here are their […]

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Elite Guard Mini Shredder chibi watercolor and ink by Cat Byrne

506 – Mini Shredder

Here’s my entry for a new art contest over on TMNT Comics  & Art over on Facebook. It’s an informal contest – just for fun – and the theme this month is “Villains”. I do like drawing chibi (baby-like) characters, and I’ve been wanting to […]

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April O'Neil ink and watercolor by Cat Byrne

471 – April O’Neil

With it being the 1st of April, it’s that time again when I enter into the art contest on the Facebook group TMNT Lives 4 ever, and this month the theme is… April of course! I drew this in blue lines, ink and watercolour, on […]

The Awakening - Raphael Genie TMNT fan art by Cat Byrne - Mizzle Comic crossover

452 – The Awakening (with video)

Happy holidays y’all! I give you this piece – The Awakening – because nothing says “Season’s Greetings” like an angry Raphael being woken from his genie-nap. I have a good change of winning the “Utter Nonsense TMNT Fan Art of the Day” award with this one, don’t […]

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Printed wood blocks by Cat Byrne - TMNT / ninja turtles, goth, candy skull, lobo

My printed wood blocks

Hi! I’ve not been making much new art this month because I’ve been focusing on writing my comic Mizzle as a graphic novel (which is shaping up really nicely). I’ve also been busy with stalls at local art & craft fairs ahead of Christmas… where […]

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Ancient ones - extraterrestrial mushroom race from Mizzle Comic by Cat Byrne

450 – Ancient ones

I’m working on printed woodblocks at the moment for a couple of Christmas fairs coming up. (As in, prints on woodblocks, not carved woodblock prints)… ^ This was the first run in progress, which I posted last week over on Instagram. And here’s a finished […]

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