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303 – Shoulders

I really need to study muscle groups more, especially for when I draw big burly comic men (or turtles). A friend of mine lent me his Anatomy for Artists book, so I set to it right away, in my contrast sketchbook. In this sketchbook, the […]

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191 – Iguana scales

Another piece from my contrast sketchbook — where the left page is in black & white, and the right in colour — here is a close up of iguana skin. I’m doing this to: 1. teach myself how to extract black values from what I […]


189 – Snapping Turtle Shell

Apparently I like a challenge. Here’s a closeup of a snapping turtle shell (based on a photo for National Geographic by Darlyne A. Murawski). This is part of my contrast sketchbook where the left page is in black ink, and the right page in watercolour, […]


155 – Raphael study

So I bring my watercolours with me on holiday, and every time, apparently this is what I am inspired to draw… Not the amazing mountains-meet-sea majestic landscapes of North Wales. No… Ninja turtles. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am a big old geek. But a […]


139 – Unidentified Flying Mushroom

Mushrooms are just amazing… Sci-i aliens on our doorstep! This one again is from Taylor F Lockwood’s book Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi, and is an unidentified species found in Malaysia. I’m working on the back story for my Mizzle comic at the moment, […]

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138 – Mycena Interrupta (study)

I’ve not made one of these in ages it seems. It’s part of my sketchbook where the left page is always in black & white, and the right page in colour… So as to practice both in the same sitting. Plus there’s something special about […]


125 – Fungi (study)

Number 3 in my small studies sketchbook. It’s a close up of an unidentified Californian mushroom which features in my all-time favourite coffee table book, “Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi” by Taylor F. Lockwood – whom I had the pleasure to meet at a […]

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124 – Wyndham’s Oak tree

Second in my series of texture studies, here is Wyndham’s Oak in Dorset. I based it on a photo in a book I have called Heritage Trees of Britain & Northern Ireland. I picked this one specifically because of its landscape format and silhouette quality; […]

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121 – Rhododendron bush

It had to be done… I seceded from the family for a couple of hours. So while my husband and son are off trying to spot Nessie, I’m sitting in this glorious garden of the B&B, catching up on some long overdue sun, and painting… […]