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586-587 Tree of Life Roses

This was a challenging one! My friend Alison asked me if I could somehow fuse a Tree of Life and a Glasgow School of Art-style rose together, for a tattoo idea. Here’s what I came up with! Both Alison and I prefer the second one… […]

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Little Women by Cat Byrne

568-569 – Little Women Book Cover

This commission came from a multi-talented friend, Sébastien Degorce, who has moved back to France and launched a publishing company. As a gift to his lovely wife Caroline he reprinted a very small run of the famous novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I […]


561 – Doggo & Kitten

A hand-drawn card I made for my son, last October. Ink & coloured pencils. I drew these because of how much he loves animals. Little did we know we’d have a rescue doggo of our own, less than ten days later! My commission rates >

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521 – Miss Abyss

I’ve really enjoyed working on this one. Here was the process. And finally the colours: The artwork is 12″ x 16″. I’m planning on making a collection of work like this, in the same style & technique so that I can exhibit and also print […]

Didier the Gitanes smoking snail - illustration by Cat Byrne Art

517 – Didier

Didier likes to smoke Gitanes, and he doesn’t appreciate people asking him how he manages to light them. Or for that matter why he has four eyes. 8″ x 12″ Ink, marker & watercolour I love drawing these! I’m aiming to keep making loads over […]

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Rotten tomato art by Cat Byrne

516 – Rotten

New drawing today! It’s of a tomato, and he looks quite rotten. Same technique as last time – ink & watercolour – except without the marker stage. It was because I wanted to try and compare what it would look like without it. Not because […]

kitten in a onesie smelling a flower illustration by cat byrne art

476-477 Birthday kitties

I’m one of THOSE parents who gives art to my kid’s mates on their birthdays. Here are two kittens who’ll be getting a new home with two lovely girls this week. Hope they like them. Both are done in ink, watercolour, watercolour pencils and gel […]

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Medusa snake woman with green eyes art by Cat Byrne

457 – Medusa (commission)

Here is another commission that was kindly entrusted to me, as part of my half-price commissions throughout January 2017. It’s done in two parts. First, the traditional inks (A5 indian ink, on bristol): And then digital colours, in Photoshop: If you’d like to treat yourself […]

Badger and deer by Cat Byrne

456 – Stag and badger (commission)

Here is another commission I’ve worked on this week, as part of my half-price commissions month (all through January 2017). It’s quite different from my usual style but I’ve really enjoyed working on this one. It’s 7″ x 10″, in watercolour and pencil. And if […]

Vampire kitty by Cat Byrne

455 – Vampire kitty

I’ve decided to do half-price commissions all throughout January, and this was the first one that I’ve done so far. It’s for a  friend of mine whom I volunteer for at the local RSPCA shop, and the brief was “Oh draw whatever you like” 🙂 […]

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Printed wood blocks by Cat Byrne - TMNT / ninja turtles, goth, candy skull, lobo

My printed wood blocks

Hi! I’ve not been making much new art this month because I’ve been focusing on writing my comic Mizzle as a graphic novel (which is shaping up really nicely). I’ve also been busy with stalls at local art & craft fairs ahead of Christmas… where […]

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