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Leonardo inking video!

I filmed this a couple weeks back but I’ve only had the chance to process it last night. It’s the first time I’ve done an actual video of hand-drawn, traditional inks. Usually I do timelapse of digital inks and digital colours. You can see all […]

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Rude Raph - tmnt inktober 2016 by Cat Byrne

445 – Rude (inktober day 30)

I love a rude Raph, don’t you? First up, here’s the rough pencils: I was so tired when I was drawing this in pizza express in Watford. I’d been on about 12 hours sleep total in 3 days, and then the four hour drive (Harry […]

Lobo by Cat Byrne for Inktober 2016

434 – Lobo (Inktober day 19)

I fancied drawing Lobo today, so I got out my set of the original Lobo comics (with art by Simon Bisley), and got inspired. I love these books so much. I was in high school in New York when they came out, and I had […]

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