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Cat Byrne Art vs Artist 2018

Art vs Artist

I got nominated over on instagram to do this #ArtvsArtist thing that’s making the rounds again, so here we go… A picture of me that doesn’t suck, and 8 pieces of my work. I nominate anyone reading this who wants to take part!

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At a glance: drawing 501-600

It’s that time again! Here’s the most recent set of 100 drawings (numbers 501-600): Featuring: My comic Mizzle: Flight of the Bumblecat!! Ninja Turtles Commissions Conversations with Myselves The Life of Ethel Death Although I loved drawing comics as a kid, and always had a […]

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Half price commissions!

To help raise printing costs of my new book “Conversations with Myselves“, I’m offering a limited number of HALF PRICE COMMISSIONS (see examples below). Order yours here! I can draw comic portraits, favourite characters, my own characters Mizzle or Muggy, TMNT, pets, favourite animals or […]

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1000 drawings by Cat Byrne

At a glance: Drawings 401-500

It’s that time again! Here’s the most recent set of 100 drawings (numbers 401-500): Featuring: More ninja turtles My 2016 Inktober drawings Illustrations from The Window, written by Tom Burleigh Commissions Sketches Out of Hours Comics And best of all, the first pages of my […]

Mizzle suspect at Scribblecon Todmorden comic fair 2017

470 – Scribblecon poster!

It’s that time of year again! No, not washing your curtains… Scribblecon!! Following last year’s inauguration of Scribblecon – Todmorden’s first ever comic and zine fair where we took over a local pub for a day – we’ve decided to run the madness a second […]

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Win a print of Alan Rickman as Severus Snape by Cat Byrne

Win a free print of Snape

If you’ve missed out on this giveaway, you can still get this print here. I’m going to start doing giveaways over on my Facebook page this year, and who best to kick it all off than the beautiful Alan Rickman, as Severus Snape. Here is […]

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