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356-357 Robin

Following the previous life drawing which hadn’t gone so well, I was a little apprehensive about a longer, 4 hour session. What if I left my brain at home again, all snuggly under a warm duvet… leaving the rest of me to fend for itself, […]


353 Ola

Do you ever get those days where you just can’t get anything right? These drawings were done a couple weeks back, and definitely fit within that category. I tried loads of things – pastels, watercolour crayons, and markers – but my heart wasn’t in it, […]

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345-347 Christina

Life drawing session from earlier this month, with the amazing Christina. All of the papers for pieces I pre-stained with coffee. I think that may be the last of that batch! Christina 28 30 minute pose, in watercolour and acrylic, on A5 size watercolour paper. […]

Tasha 13 watercolour life drawing by cat byrne in todmorden

344 – Tasha 13

This one is starting to date a bit (from a month ago). I’ve been so busy with an application for something big (news to come very soon) that I’ve been neglecting this blog a little. But there has been lots of new work! I’ll be […]

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342 – Tasha 12

Another from a recent life drawing session with Tasha… 30 minute pose, done in pencil and watercolour, on paper I pre-stained. The paper is stained with coffee. I explain it a little more here.

Tasha 11 by Cat Byrne

341 – Tasha 11

Here’s one from last week’s life drawing session, with the lovely Tasha: 30 minute pose, done in pencil and watercolour, on a pre-stained paper. To stain the paper, I used some beautiful coffee that my in-laws brought us back from Cambodia. It tastes lovely, but […]


329-331 – Tasha

I felt a lot more “with it” this week at the life drawing session. I even liked my warmup sketches; that’s saying something! Tasha 8 Watercolour on manila paper. 2 x 10 minutes Tasha 9 Watercolour, 20 minutes Back to the drawing board with this […]


327-328 Christina (life drawing)

Firstly, I must apologise to Christina. She is such an amazing model, and I wish these works could have reflected this better. I struggle a bit with seasonal affective disorder – and perhaps some remnants of post viral fatigue that hit me hard the last […]

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325-326 Anita (life drawing)

First up, a couple of warmup sketches from this session: First one in watercolour & ink, 15 minute pose. Second one just watercolour, also a 15 minute pose. I really like her face here. Anita 23 I think this was a 20 minute pose. Perhaps […]

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Robin 24 preview by Cat Byrne

318-319 – Robin (life drawing)

Back to some life drawing! This set from a couple weeks ago. First, some warm up drawings: Above: Watercolour & watercolour pencil, 25 minutes Above: Watercolour & watercolour pencil, 25 minutes Robin 23 Ink & watercolour, 25 minutes. I wanted to try this style again […]


305-306 Robin

First session back from the Christmas break (and Boxing Day flood). The model was Robin. First up, some warm up sketches, from 5-15 minutes each, in water-soluble crayons.   Robin 21 Ink & watercolour. 35 minutes. Robin 22 Ink. 35 minutes. Still working on getting […]


304 – Snape (includes process)

My tribute to Alan Rickman. Nearly every day I read the Harry Potter books to my child (once we finish a book, he’s allowed to watch the film). Naturally we are both completely obsessed with the magical world, the story and the characters. When I […]