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Badger and deer by Cat Byrne

456 – Stag and badger (commission)

Here is another commission I’ve worked on this week, as part of my half-price commissions month (all through January 2017). It’s quite different from my usual style but I’ve really enjoyed working on this one. It’s 7″ x 10″, in watercolour and pencil. And if […]

Ancient ones - extraterrestrial mushroom race from Mizzle Comic by Cat Byrne

450 – Ancient ones

I’m working on printed woodblocks at the moment for a couple of Christmas fairs coming up. (As in, prints on woodblocks, not carved woodblock prints)… ^ This was the first run in progress, which I posted last week over on Instagram. And here’s a finished […]

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The Window - book by Cat Byrne and Tom Burleigh

New book: The Window

I’m pleased to announce the release of The Window – a book written by Hebden Bridge-based author Tom Burleigh and illustrated by me. It’s a hauntingly beautiful account of nature, life and death as seen through a humble window. Here’s the cover and a selection […]

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Mabel Blue - Kingdom of Birds - art by Cat Byrne

389 – Kingdom of Birds

I’ve been doing a lot of art and comics recently on various collaborative projects, but I can’t post any of it until these are released! So in the meantime, here is the cover I recently drew and designed for my friend Mabel Blue’s upcoming album, […]

African Sunbird watercolour ink art by Cat Byrne

338 – African Sunbird

Apologies for the bad quality of the photo. I never got to scan this as it was an impromptu get well soon card for a family member, while I was on holiday last week. It’s of an African Sunbird (male); and was done with ink […]

Jackdaw by Cat Byrne - Inktober 2015

247 – Jackdaw

A quick drawing of a jackdaw, as my 24th Inktober piece. I love jackdaws; they bring me joy everyday… My computer is right below a velux window and the little scamps hop around the roof, and gaze out at the world below; the wind rustling […]


191 – Iguana scales

Another piece from my contrast sketchbook — where the left page is in black & white, and the right in colour — here is a close up of iguana skin. I’m doing this to: 1. teach myself how to extract black values from what I […]


189 – Snapping Turtle Shell

Apparently I like a challenge. Here’s a closeup of a snapping turtle shell (based on a photo for National Geographic by Darlyne A. Murawski). This is part of my contrast sketchbook where the left page is in black ink, and the right page in watercolour, […]


163 – Peonies

Realising that we’re only going to see my mother-in-law today, before she goes away for her birthday, I made this painting of peonies for her, late last night. It’s done in watercolour, using artists’ mask which I laid down with a brush. Yeah somehow I […]


139 – Unidentified Flying Mushroom

Mushrooms are just amazing… Sci-i aliens on our doorstep! This one again is from Taylor F Lockwood’s book Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi, and is an unidentified species found in Malaysia. I’m working on the back story for my Mizzle comic at the moment, […]

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